Neck tether suggestions?


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Thank you for that description, Tom. I would love to see a picture and try to duplicate it. I enjoy tinkering. I am comfortable with this setup, the prussik releases easily. I had been using closed loop tethers (see above) but this really struck me as a better option. I've been sporting the neck tethers for about a year and haven't had any issues, yet, but I can certainly appreciate how an emergent situation could necessitate a hands free break away.

Edit: Thank you for adding the picture.
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I really liked the idea of an open loop and prussik and finally got around to making one with what I had on hand. Blue moon and some 6mm tech cordage. Sliding double fisherman's knot captures the SMC ring. Rock X carabiner to tend my climbing device. My knee ascender will clip into the ring.
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Yours is prettier than mine. I particularly like the height adjustability of this sort of tether because different devices have different height tending points and with this it can always be dialed in perfect.

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