how do you set this up?

Mark Chisholm

Kev, that technique looks like it is missing a very important element- a back-up. Looks like he is using the mini traxion to support his entire load. Am I wrong here?


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This is a great video. Thanks for posting it! Being new at climbing, I like to see things in operation, it helps me get a better grasp on what you pros are talking about.

Would you consider this set up too advanced for a beginner? I've been practicing foot locking because the body thrust thing just wasn't working out. Using a pantin seems even more efficient, although, also more expensive


Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning

If pictures are worth a thousand words I have to wonder what a video is worth? Ten, hundred...million words...??? Thanks for taking the time to put that together.

For anyone who wants to save the cost of another Pantin it would be simple to set up a slack tending friction hitch in place of the left, bungee operated Pantin. Since none of the Pantins are life support the whole works can be made from much smaller and cheaper components. The trade-off of course is in efficiency.


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Mark, It looks like he is attached by two acenders, the traxion and the basic. I am not really familiar with the traxion which I thought was more of a one way pulley. The basic looks like it could be any acender or a friction hitch. the bungee tether looks like it is fairly important to get it the right length. What kind of bungee tether is used and where do you get it? is it just from a bungee cord? I really want to try this with a friction hitch as opposed to the basic so I could clip into my F8 revolver for working.

Gerry, that video was very proffessional and very clear, thank you. brilliant set up.


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Gerry, Thank-you so much for taking the time to show this style of rope walking. I like it. Simple easy and down to earth that any climber can switch over too with out alot of hassle. Did I say I like it.

I have tried some of this SRT and found it just wasn't for me or really fit my style of climbing. But your system I can relate too.

Thanks again. Your the man.

Oh, I stashed your vid in my favorites right after the first veiwing for future reference. I normally don't do that.




Treebing, I was playing around with this on Friday and you can use your friction hitch instead of the basic. I just used the elastic runner i made for a system I used to use like gerald's. The runner is made out of the extra elastic cord I got with my TreeMotion. I must say it is hard to balance with no hands. I tried a bunch of different configurations none of them include the mini trax, I used a ropeman for the top and my hitch in the middle and pantin on bottom. the good news is that it will work with you F8 system but the swith from ascending to working might not be as smooth as the frogger Iv'e been using. Oh ya and don't make your elastic runner to tight if you are going to run a hitch because if you break your elastic watch out! man that hurt!!!

Since Treebing posted the F8 revolver system I've been trying to build a rope walker that is easy to get in and out of but could use some help so any Ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated.


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cool stuff treeguy, i will definitly be playing around with this too. cant wait to see your video when you put it together. I was wondering if the hitch would ride up too close to the chest box. almost cant wait to get back to work tomorrow although I am definitly enjoying my lil vacation.


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I like the use of the "SRT" lanyard to improve positioning, very handy technique.


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Nice follow up video, Gerry!

In the video, you said you were climbing on Poison Ivy, but that rope looks just like it P.I.?

I like your lanyard set up.



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Thank you for sharing this technique with us Jer! Looks like a very functional system.

That's a great short video too. Shows the ease which one can quickly adapt the DLRW to their climbing system.