how do you set this up?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I got whoozy watching the moving camera...blech!

Open up your copy of ON ROPE and find the related diagrams.

I think that the top is just a simple chest box made from a small pulley...but I may be wrong.


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that was a chest harness, with a mini traxon. connected to a basic ascender with a foot loop, and a pantin. easy set up i think.


ok let me help

mini trax on top

basic in the middle with left foot loop

pantin on right foot with a pice of elastic cord going from the pantin up through biner on mini trax and down to the basic

this way when you drop your right foot it pulls up the basic attached to the left foot

it helps if you use a serpentine style chest mount for your mini trax because thats what holds you upright. With some good practice one could make it look good.


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Very nice strategy, but wouldn't we rather use both feet for lift ('free foot' on top of Pantin?), rather than just 1 and the other leg just 'resets' the 'power leg'/Pantin? i'd like to see another tie in, even a hand bumped prussik, or auto-tended at waist. It wouldn't seem that with waist prussick, and foot cam that chest roller could ever take out prussik/friction hitch.

i think the chest roller/ cam also helps to keep your CG (as load); inline (partially by being so close to CG-which is higher in guys- and partially above it) with the support device(rope), not at leveraged angle. So that you only carry the load of placing yourself forward/up; and all force is exerted in that targeted direction inline. If that is not so, then some of the effort goes to pushing you up the line, and some goes towards dealing with you as load not inline... You'd want all the force expressed on the sine/inline, not on the cosine/ across axis. i think that any system that you maintained this arrangemeant (CG and Effort inline to Rope) by style and/or device; will take less work to same task.

Most of the gear is discrete too for working once aloft. Chest roller can stay in place and Pantin too. Pantin can even be used to help preset rig tensions, or do all by self; as well as climb.


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Walking systems are by far the most energy efficient in SRT and the method can be modified for double line ascents too.

And the neat thing about using a walker in double line is you don't need the chest box or overhead grab. You can kick the system loose and be in full double line mode in just seconds.

I'll make a short demo video and post it here this evening.


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Due to dead batteries I lost time needed to do the editing and post the vid on youtube. I came home, charged the batts and went back in the field and shot the video, all helmet cam. So the vid will be edited and on utube by tomorrow.

Sorry about that.


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With Your dedication to our industry I have no problem waiting. If some one else was going to do it I feel we would be waiting a long time. Enjoy your holiday weekend.


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it helps if you use a serpentine style chest mount for your mini trax because thats what holds you upright. With some good practice one could make it look good.

[/ QUOTE ]

What is a serpentine style mount? I'm barely familiar with SRT.