Compact Bulldog Bone


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Based on your bollard picture, I would estimate you have about 55 thousands of wear on that bollard.
Which in "time till replace" would mean.....?
I know I always ask you questions and then never really act on it so im sorry for always asking and appreciate your time. But do you have any adjustable arms in stock at the moment?
Maybe i send you my old one to inspect yourself? Get to see how the device has faired after miles and miles of rope have passed thru it? Its definitely been thoroughly used, Gordon


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I recommend that you replace the bollard at no more than about 70-75 thousands of wear. It would be best to mic the actual wear depth. At some point the wear may tell you it is time, because it will begin to creep, but if not, don't exceed the recommended wear. I can make up a new top arm assembly, which is easy enough to install yourself, or you can send it back and I could examine/refurbish.

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For a few months now, I’ve been working with a new upgrade to my BDB that I really enjoy. So, those with a non adjustable version might be interested. I drilled a hole, installed a phenolic ball knob with thread lock, then milled down the bolt head with a grinder. It’s really ergonomic. I’ll attach photos. Happy Holidays to everyone.


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