Compact Bulldog Bone


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Hey, @jaja25840!! Another big welcome to the TreeBuzz forum! I'm excited for you, too! We'd all love to hear how well you get on with your new devices, once you get some time on them. Climb safely, and thanks for signing up to be a member here at the TreeBuzz forum.

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Has anyone ever toyed with trying to give it 3 points of contact on the rope as well as a point to connect back in to so that the device could be fully SRT/DRT??????


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The Bulldog Bone is in fact fully SRT and DdRT. It can also be made self advancing with a loose girth to the Bone on the standing side of the DdRT. I think also a large williams carabiner can be used through the mid spine hole, as long as it does not interfere with the upper arm action.

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