College football fans


De' Island Buzzer way cool....Florida got beat by Tn....of my ....LSU put to bed by freakin Auburn...


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Oh man...The Mad Hatter is a national treasure. Download some of his speaches such as "Thanksgiving" and the "summer of FIFA".
Brilliantly idiotic.


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JD, if you haven't found a spot to hang Hopalong yet, I'll offer up the free space behind my sofa. Centered, and a little lower, of course, between the Bo Schembechler autographed Bugs Bunny leaping over scarlet and gray wearing Wiley and Taz, and the obligatory Big House aerial photo.

I'm here to help ya, my friend!



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How bout an OSU national championship poster instead? Ive got two...

Dont sleep on Wiscy, they may be legit but we'll see.


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I'm gonna say a glutton for punishment.........I'm let down every damn year..........GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

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