Climbing Harness / Saddles setups (PICS & Video)

RADS is taking the down rope after it goes through the descender, typically a gri gri, putting it through a pulley attached to the Microscender, or usually a hand ascender.

The belay backup sounds more like what the Shunt does.
Oh, I know full well what a RADS configuration is, my point was just that if you are using it with the footloops hanging from the upper ascender, then it is a sit-stand system without mechanical advantage.

Using a Microcender for belay backup is a suggested use by Petzl, not me! There is actually a fair bit of overlap between the Microcender and the Shunt in terms of suggested uses, and it's interesting that you mention it, because my use of the Microcender as an upper ascender came via using the Shunt. Many years ago I learned on TreeBuzz from Tom Dunlap that a Shunt works well in a RADS configuration, because if you attach a "leash" between your saddle and the body of the Shunt (not the cam) for descending, the Shunt will just follow you down, and you don't have to remove it. I tried it and liked the process, but never liked the Shunt as much as I liked the Microcender, so I experimented and found that they worked much the same. The way I now use the Microcender as an upper ascender for either RADS (which I rarely use anymore) or a treefrog system, is to have a tether between saddle and cam so the lower device is backed up when ascending, then for descent I just switch the tether attachment from the cam to the body, and the Microcender just follows me down the rope.

Being quite happy with the arrangement, I was disappointed to read that Petzl disapproves of the use of a tether with the device, hence my questions here. Moss has convinced me, though, that it is probably okay to continue using it the way I have been. Don't worry, Andrew, I have instructed my loved ones that if there is ever an inquest, they are not to mention your name!:D


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Without the mechanical advantage it’s not a RADS. From On Rope, I’m using a mechanical Texas System. They also suggest to be connected to both devices, I don’t connect to the Microscender, only the Smart 2.0.


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sorry for the bump, and ignore the crappy pictures but here is my setup


got the saddle (notch sentinel) 2 days ago, $100 after doing some welding for a local arborist, got it set up with a dual bridge, thinking of making the second bridge (samson vortex) longer than the original one, maybe I can make an adjustable one with a hitch, probably not tho

if anyone has any questions about my setup feel free to ask me, im always down to show off my new toys


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Those rigging plates on the saddle; if there’s buckles attaching the saddle webbing to the plates, undo it all. Run the webbing through the small lower and middle holes. Use the upper holes for a single rope bridge. That leaves the big hole open and facing forward to use for lanyard positioning. It’s comfy using a lanyard there, supports your weight from under your butt/ upper thighs instead of hips and lower back. If those plates are sewn in place, I’d probably leave it be. There’s still an open small hole on the plate that’ll fit a carabiner to use a lanyard there, it’s just easier/ faster to clip into a bigger hole, and it’ll fit snaps too.

Don’t let me stop you, I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but screw adjustable bridges. Not a fan of two or more independent bridges either. I’m all for tinkering, safe modifications, and customizing, and have played with a double bridge and adjustable bridge before. Pretty often simple solutions are easiest to operate and less components means less shit that can go wrong. Go nuts looking into mods, explore the options and put a couple hours or a couple days use on different setups, but I found multiple bridges and adjustable bridges not advantageous enough to warrant the clutter and worry. A single rope bridge with a Hydra/ Rook pulley is my sweet spot, and if I need more, I’ll clip an SRT device right to the bridge with a carabiner.

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