‘Keeper’ lanyard adjuster


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Ontario, Canada
The beauty of the geckos toes is it is soversatile
  1. It will also hold biners well, so you can rack several biner and sling combos for speed lining.
  2. The Gecko will also stow a saw lanyard ring or biner on the top hook with confidence.
  3. The abiltity to quickly hold 100' or more of rope to get out of the feet of ground crew, rigged or falling limbs for me is the improtant part of our tree life.
This harness add on is a must have on my working harness because it accomplishes so much. Do yourself a favour(y)


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Puget Sound
Yeah, I cut mine in half too and put the halves on each of my two saddles. They hold lots of rope, depending on the size of the loops of course. My longer lanyard is 32 feet and I use loops that normally don't reach below my knees. It holds it all fine, with room for the biner on the end of the lanyard too. It grips a biner as well as the rope itself.

Steve Connally

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I like my keeper but I use TriTech fro a lanyard. It's not the best performance on a slightly stiff lanyard. I'd think a soft lanyard would be best on the keeper. It's great for me but could be greater with a different lanyard


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I've found this to be true, too. Smaller diameter flexible lines. I run Mercury on mine, which had a break-in period but is smooth as butter now.

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