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  1. C

    Municipal Tree Crew Supervisor, City of Wilmington, NC

    CITY OF WILMINGTON invites applications for the position of: Tree Crew Supervisor SALARY: $1,968.00 - $2,460.00 Biweekly $51,168.00 - $63,960.00 Annually OPENING DATE: 04/29/21 CLOSING DATE: 05/14/21 11:59 PM DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this position is to supervise tree crews and inspect and...
  2. J

    Hiring Tree Crew Foreman/Climber and Tree Climbers

    Capitol Tree Care, LLC- Austin, TX We are seeking to hire (1) Tree Crew Foreman/Climber and (2) Tree Climber’s to be a part of our growing organization, in a full-time capacity. We are looking for experienced, motivated and responsible individuals looking to further their career. Capitol Tree...
  3. jonpicker

    International Arboriculture Summit - Hong Kong

    This is the 10th anniversary of the International Arboriculture Summit. Hosted by the Institute of Arboriculture Studies (Hong Kong) and co-organized by the Institute of Vocational Education, the theme of this year's summit is: "Celebrating our Trees - Developing Holistic Arboriculture...

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