1. M

    How to open protos ear cups

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Sena communication set in a pfanner protos helmet, and I've found several good videos on how to go about it. None of the videos actually show you how to go about opening up the ear cups though. I'm afraid I will break them if I just pry them apart, could anyone...
  2. Brandon Pankey

    Let's talk hardhats

    I'm currently rocking a kask zenith non vented hardhat. I've had it for years and It's about due for an upgrade. 3m has a new hardhat, the x5000. Looks pretty interesting. I'd love to hear everyones experiences with what they use and why they like what they have. The kask has its flaws in my...
  3. the.schultz.effect

    Pfanner Zermatts GTX chainsaw boots

    size 11.5 US (45 Euro). worn 3 times. bought them to try something different from my loggers but it turns out i'm just too used to loggers. got a few scuffs on the outside, brand new on the inside. $200 + shipping.
  4. django kroner

    Looking to buy broken protos helmets

    I have a protos helmet where the tightening clip in the back broke. Its not structural but they won't replace the part. I'm looking to buy someones old helmet to scavenge the clip off of!
  5. C

    What shoes do you wear for limbwalking and non-removals?

    So far I really like 'approach shoes' from the outdoor world. They are kinda in between a rock climbing shoe and a hiking shoe. I got a deal on Five Ten Guide series of shoes, and definitely recommend them--
  6. JeffOpar

    Pfanner stretch air chainsaw pants

    XXL Long - Almost new, I used them for a couple hours. I am moving to Singapore and dont need them there. If you are interested email me for some pictures. $150.00 shipped (thats half price). As I read this before I posted it... It sounds like I am a big fat ass but xxl long...
  7. Sciurus

    Pfanner Tyrol Juchten size 42 Euro - 9 US

    I bought these at the factory in Austria last year while on vacation, I guess I was so excited that I didn't buy the right size boot! These boots are Euro 42 so US Size 9 Mens, I am a size 10 and these are just a tad too small. These boots are next to new, I have maybe worn them 10 Times and...

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