1. Brandon Pankey

    Let's talk hardhats

    I'm currently rocking a kask zenith non vented hardhat. I've had it for years and It's about due for an upgrade. 3m has a new hardhat, the x5000. Looks pretty interesting. I'd love to hear everyones experiences with what they use and why they like what they have. The kask has its flaws in my...
  2. benvander

    SOLD: Petzl ID descender

    Brand New petzl ID S never used, no tags Stored inside, used once to go up a tree and try it out. Asking **$160 shipped (Retails $285) Can knock off shipping price if picked up local in Syracuse NY Technical specs: Message me for Venmo...
  3. LordFarkwad

    SOLD: Petzl Vertex 2 Vent, with Mesh/Muffs

    Owned for approximately 3 months. Purchased as a kit from WesSpur for $155. Very light use. Has been stored for the car majority of its life. Has GoPro mount front and center that I can leave on there, if preferred. Small puncture from fish hook in one of the muffs. No scuffs or signs of wear...
  4. MtnArbor

    WTB "sequioa swing" seat.

    So I climbed for a year or two at a company that provided me with a sequioa swing. The model that had a bosun seat with straps attached and no leg straps. I loved that saddle and was very used to that saddle. After leaving that company I puchased a 2014 sequioa SRT and all the goodies.. However...
  5. T

    Stihl Chainsaw Pants and Petal Vertex for sale

    $50 $120 Stihl dynamic class C chainsaw pants, size small, roughly 32w x 32l. Never worn, new in box. Good for felling, not great for climbing (personal opinion). Please call Rory if interested (609)290-0759

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