1. B

    Smallest Wood Chippers Review

    I'm looking for people's input on the smallest woodchippers available... gas powered; flail-wheel vs. drum; auto feed; towable behind a 2500hp pickup; able to handle some 6-8" material. Maybe I'm dreaming of something that doesn't exist.zzz
  2. Northern Arb Supplies

    Work Gloves Reviews

    At Northern Arb Supplies we are often asked, "which gloves are the best?" - A question which the answer depends entirely on the work you are carrying out. To help answer this question, we have now analysed five extremely popular work gloves amongst Arborists, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers and...
  3. Northern Arb Supplies

    Do you use a head torch in winter?

    With the days now getting shorter, it is essential to keep work levels up and ensure you stay safe throughout this winter with efficient lighting. We are interested in finding out - Do you use a head torch in winter? Our latest blog provides some useful information about our range of head...
  4. quicknclean

    Equipment/Machines For Sale

    Hello there, I started my own business back in 2006, doing landscaping and tree care, and now over 10 years later, I have expanded into equipment rental and sales. With that being said, I have accumulated a lot of great equipment that I still use to this day on jobs. I have dump trucks, bucket...
  5. R

    DINOlift 72XTC Compact Tracked Spider Lift - New Demo

    72 feet of working height and 36 feet of horizontal outreach, 46 inches of width, 78 inches height, 21 feet long, 6830 pounds for easy carry on regular trailer with a pick-up, no need for CDL-A drivers. Ideal for all types of tree work. Equipped with: -KUBOTA Diesel engine -230v Electric motor...
  6. Jeff Troutman

    Actual Cost of Equipment

    I don't if you guys are looking to purchase any equipment anytime soon, but Case just posted up a great calculator to help figure out the actual cost of ownership. Includes numbers like fuel burn, cost of labor, depreciation and interest on your loan. It's really helpful...
  7. D

    Buying equipment

    Do you prefer to buy equipment from a local dealer or direct from the equipment manufacturer? Why?

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