crane removals

  1. Tom Dunlap

    Lost another one...or two

    Many of us have faced authorities with some particular subject matter Expertise attempt to stretch that expertise out to trees. Too bad the tree was removed and an arborist lost their job @guymayor
  2. GiroudTree

    Tree Climbing Arborists Wanted in Northeastern PA/Philadelphia Area

    Are You a Top Tree Climber Looking for a Great Place to Work? (Huntingdon Valley, PA) Do you love the team you’re working with? Getting top pay, bonuses, health care and 401k? If not, bring your tree climbing talents to a place you’ll love! Giroud is a TCIA Accredited Tree Company who values...
  3. Travor

    Here's over an hour of raw unedited crane removal footage .

    Go ahead and tell me what Im doing wrong . I need to perfect this crane game anyways . Edit : thanks everyone for not being assholes and volatile . I was hesitant posting the here. No regrets .
  4. colb

    New guy crane questions

    I'm jumping into crane work and have questions, so I thought I would just start a thread. What are the top 5-10 questions I should ask my crane guy, who comes with a great referral? I've asked or am going to ask: 1. Whose slings get used? 2. Do you have a SENA headset? 3. Can you kindly...
  5. Travor

    Australian pine removal 80 and 100ton cranes

  6. Patstorm

    Seeking contract climber in Chicagoland area.

    Searching for a contract climber or part time employee. Must have good references. Must be able to climb spikeless. Must work well with cranes. Come work in a great environment. Check us out online!
  7. GiroudTree

    Are you a Top Tree Climber Who Likes to Take Charge?

    Looking for a top level Tree Climber with experience running crews who wants to make a home at a great place to work. Based in Huntingdon Valley just outside of Philadelphia PA, Giroud Tree and Lawn is a local family owned company. We are large enough to have all of the resources, research and...

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