Lost another one...or two


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Max was right of course.

But he should of had the sense to stop short of suggesting that members cancel their membership. His was a sin of an even greater magnitude than what management was committing.

Maybe he'll find even better work but he does need to know when to bite his tongue.


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The arborist lost his cool. (Also, he was the source of the misplaced term "suckers" in that article.)

The garden lost an asset, after casting about for a hired gun instead of working with staff.

Say what you want about the NYTimes, they care about reporting the truth. The reporter rechecked the quote with me and also asked for my thoughts on the accuracy of the article.


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From a business point they had there rules that people weren’t following and if it were a whole tree with that hollow would it still have been that good to play in it?
The gardens like every old lady with her garden has a view or vision of their garden. So how many of us have taken an old stump that could have had character and the ability to house a chipmunk in the rain, so that the client could move forward?
What no one touched on was do they plan on planting a new tree, even another London Plane, to remember everyone’s favourite stump, to add more benefits, more layers, etc to the garden which would meet their plans and goals.

We’ve all done it this one was just public, should we stop removing stumps and tripping hazards in public park because kids will play on the stumps? Everyone has an opinion and you can’t please everyone, you’re not pizza.

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