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    Kernmaster is good rope. Very smooth tight jacket, but stays very flexible. It can take a while to get a hitch hiker just right on a slick new rope like kmaster, so maybe a hitch cord sampler could help.
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    Congrats, that is a hell of an order! I love all those things and they have served me well for years. My hitch climber setup stays at home. Several long threads of valuable info on the hh2 are waiting...
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    Slimmest chainsaw pants?

    Pretty sure these are the skinny ones I saw on a climber buddy once. They seemed pretty slim
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    What's the best rope for tree climbing?

    Well....100 ft of any arborist climbing rope from the online stores will be around 6 lbs. The main criteria for narrowing selection are gear and techniques. Yale and Samson make good all-rounders, but any 24 strand double braid will get you goin vertical. Smaller diameter=less weight=harder to grip
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    This will be an awesome upgrade for your climbing. That oval biner will get cramped with double tether hitch and pulley. It's possible to jam it on; I used to like a nice wide pear shape like rockex pirates when I had to clip a big gear sandwich. Spend some time on it, it's a really good step out.
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    HH2 + foot ascender < $325 ZERO change over between srt and ddrt. Tougher than you and the tree. Why pay to just get to a tip and double rope? Because then the door is open, forever, instead of paying 100s just to the same old hip thrust with fancy new stuff. Push through learning a new thing...
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    Uplifting Spirits

    Hiya Brandon, we hope you get well soon, bruv. Crew climb at the shop! Love, Heartwood Asheville
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    Spar System?

    No way do I believe spiking down is faster than descending on a line already set from the cut. A few steps down for cutting tiny chunks is understandable, I dont really use the climb line if I'm only moving less than my height. Maybe the perceived hassle is resetting the climb line after...
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    Tulip Tree Repair

    If possible, our pruning standards favor the stub being left. Based on avoiding the larger trunk wound. If it's not viable as a limb any more, the same compartmental changes will happen if you cut it off.
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    Stress concentration in cuts...

    This was my exact first reaction to this thread. Vertical bore at the REAR of the hinge is wasting fuel. Put the back cut above the bottom of the under cut, gapped or not, and the fibers separate in the very same vertical plane.
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    DIY hiking wheel for carrying a load of climbing or camping kit on a narrow trail

    Have you guys seen these before? Your unicycle cart reminded me of them. The single wheel is definately better suited for single track with bigger bumps. I fantasized about a modified harness cart for brush hauling. Or like an arbor trolley with harness option?????
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    A couple quick Spur and Flip-line tips

    I envy that pace and rhythm, rico! I would love to get more pillars like that, just to really stomp on. Most of my trees wont let me get more than 20' before the limbs or twist or kink make me renegotiate my motion. I also never got into wire cores and the roll is great for the small stuff too...
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    Did I Make A Big Mistake?

    The only issue I could think of would be a big ass clump that interferes with proper drainage of the hole (too wet) or makes an air pocket (too dry). I have lost a bare root planting because it dried out too much, but that was basically negligence. Busting up the clumps really well and mixing...
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    It's mid-April and I'm uncertain whether to find a crew to climb for this summer or go-it alone, need advice/counsel!

    Its wild seeing "I can manage with 15/hr," and "no one should charge less than 100," so close together. Pricing work has always thrown me through a loop. I am usually not involved in that aspect at all, so when I get my own jobs for friends I have told them 50/hr and I am UNINSURED. I did a job...
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    It's mid-April and I'm uncertain whether to find a crew to climb for this summer or go-it alone, need advice/counsel!

    I think the missing link is probably the existing companies/crews and the quality there. I do hope there is someone qualified to offer mentorship, training, or apprenticeship. Or even a high caliber crew doing frequent technical work, just to befriend or give referrals. There is also the...

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