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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Making the rounds on Facebook is the meme that our response to the coronavirus in the U.S. is like that of the Ministry of Magic responding to the return of Voldemort... When I read that, it was definitely one of those moments when understanding settled in...
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    Oak Wilt Injection Uptake Time

    @JD3000 Would it be beneficial to inject with the new Treeage formulation to control insect vectors? Just bringing it up because it has the faster injection time, which is a cornerstone of the OP.
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    Deja vu all over again, owl nest redo, round 2

    I'm impressed.
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    Arborist Riddles + Prizes from TreeStuff

    I looked for that - not there...
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    Arborist Riddles + Prizes from TreeStuff

    Does Bond really hide stuff in his shoes?
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    Transporter or shembiner

    I've heard all the best things about Shem, so please don't take this wrong. I think the Shembiner will have an accident at some point, judging from the number of times I have had everything snag on it, and how I have vacated that side of my saddle for its exclusive use to avoid having stuff...
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    Pneumatic Rope Terminations

    You're winning the original thought competition... If nothing else, I wonder if our ropes could have secondary purposes, or if we could ditch ropes in favor of jet packs or personal drone gear of some type. I'd like to see the first guy that uses one of those water jet tubes in combination...
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    Driving auger bits?

    I think you're laying the right base in every way. Look at the bcma's specification if he will permit it. I wrote a 2-page cabling/bracing/pruning specification for the current estimate I have out. Basically, go through the whole standard and bmp for structural support and pruning and add in...
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    Driving auger bits?

    You of course are ordering the ANSI standard and bmp for supplemental support, right?
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    Covid Close To You

    Apparently the father of one of my highschool friends has it. I just consulted an ICU nurse today. He is off work for two weeks, then on duty for the next two weeks. The last two weeks he was tending a modest handful of coronavirus patients and he expects it to be crazy when he goes back...
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    CCW while you climb?

    What if someone takes an excavator to your house and takes the safe? They've been doing that to bank ATMs lately... Are you responsible for projectiles fired in that circumstance? I know that is a bit of a stretch, but the point is, what is the due diligence that you are responsible for, and...
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    Driving auger bits?

    I've seen utility workers use angle grinders to cut cable. I use an angle grinder on EHS. I tape the cable with masking tape, then cut through with the angle grinder. I wear safety glasses. The angle grinder is dangerous to use at height because we are not used to them like we are chainsaws...
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    Driving auger bits?

    Rule of thumb for me is at least 1/4 of the tool cost is built in to the current estimate, but it really depends on the tool. For bits, 100% of cost is for each project because most of them sit for years between use. The superhawg is an infrequent use item for me, so I would build 1/4-100%...
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    Driving auger bits?

    You really don't want a gas drill. Lithium is so much better - no ear protection, no fumes, lots of power.
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    Driving auger bits?

    I use my m18 hammer drill for cabling drilling. The bigger drills are too cumbersome to haul around for cabling.