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Steve Connally

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Right on Steve, I was hoping you'd put those in here, that's some big wood man, oak?
Ash. Dead with EAB at the crane class. The ground pic was an oak. The funny thing is they worked my ass off as a joke. The piece was cut through. The op and the instructor knew it but let me keep battling the cut until they were done laughing.


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The first pic is a 26" uprooting pitch pine I started at 130. green head flies were biting the whole time. The picture does show he fence/plants all under the lean and the house next to it. And the birch and Jap maple under the longest limbs.

And the second, not quite Barbados but I'll take new England any day


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Craning a massive black walnut log onto the roll off. Trailer is 24 feet long for scale. One of the Giants from my wind farm contract that I managed to save because it was on private property, and the home owner didn't want it.

Log was about 6,000lbs if I remember. image.jpeg


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Cottonwood removals, Centennial, Colorado.
17 year old nephew in the foreground of the second shot. He runs a rake and hauls brush this summer down from Juneau, Alaska before he heads into his senior year of high school. I send pictures to his mother




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Holy moly, that's a massive Gingko!

Ever get sick of doing the Cottonwoods Kelley? What's that lowering device on the tree?
I am sick to death of doing Cottonwoods. Pretty much now I only do them for friends and family. They are high risk, lots of man hours, high disposal fees, and barely profitable. Lowering device is standard portawrap with arborplex.


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I hear ya on the cwoods.

I know you do a bit of fabricating, thought maybe you made your own LD.
I have thought about making my own LD, but I don't think I can improve on the portawrap design. I should post more pictures of the stuff I am working on. I helped a friend build a CNC plasma cutter and I have been making all kinds of parts on AutoCAD and cutting them lately.


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What a mess!
Yeah dude, it was so hot and humid! No worries though, it got loaded out today with the grapple truck. That ash was old and beautiful, but as you might be able to tell from the picture, it was strongly codominant with decay from the main crotch down to about 40% of the buttress.

It was an honor to be on this funeral detail.