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My daughter bought me this for my birthday. I've never actually tried scotch.... View attachment 72214
Been away from this thread for a while. That is a very nice gift from your daughter. You need to give her a special hug for that. JD gave you excellent direction in future selections as well and he has some great ones pictured here as well. I think we need to invade his stash. Might I suggest enjoying your Glen straight up with just a few drops of water to release the flavors and trim the harsh edges. Some day we must hoist a toast.


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I could buy a decent sized yacht with what he spends on booze, and have enough left over for a case of cheap stuff.

Of course, I'd drink the cheap booze before the sails were even hoisted, and sink the friggin' boat before I'd gone more than a couple of nautical miles... but, still... somewhere between the two extremes there must be a safer, more economical plan.

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