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Pretty new to crane work myself, even took my first brush picks yesterday. Before that its always been ground work and some trunk picks. We've stood a few up, some like you described and some of them we tension, cut 80% through from bottom to top, then the crane lifts and tears the wood fibers. Then finish the cut if needed once its vertical.

I'm not sure yet how to decide if you should notch or tear a lifted piece, I just give the crane op what he wants. He has 28 years experience so I trust him to make the right call.

Here's one from today that was stood up using a notch. 4100lbs.

Edit: thats not me in the video, @kiteflyingeek made that cut, that was the last piece I was on the ground for, then I took out the trunk.
Nice, this is why I prefer to stand up picks. Predictable, very little chance of the butt coming at the climber. I prefer a notch and the back cut at a steep angle to create a step. Important to have 2 rigging points to prevent the pick from rolling, which can break the hinge. I know guys who just peel the cuts which works, but only on small diameter IMO.


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I think a lot depends on the LZ and all the potential restrictions (utility lines, trees, landscape lighting, Etc...). Sometimes standing up a tip tie allows a larger piece to make it into the LZ but then you have to lay it down. It it’s a balanced horizontal pick and you can fit it, it’s already positioned to lay down.

Sometimes if I’m near the end of my chart and don’t have enough boom left to lift, I’ll belay the butt into the hook off a tag line. That’s a sure fire way to control both ends and prevent a shock load.

The Crane Manuals I’ve read all describe how to lift something from horizontal to vertical (like standing up a prefab wall), so it’s a valid technique. In tree work, if done incorrectly, it’s also a great way for something to go very wrong.

Most of the time, like others said here, I like to use as few slings as possible to pick structure “as it grew”. That’s a great way of saying it.

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