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In my career (retired now) I dropped problem customers like a hot potato and never missed a damn one of them.

I admit I do have a bit of George Washington Heyduke in me. I will not elaborate on that.


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In this case it was more a crazy landscaping labor type demand; she wanted fallen wood cut and split for firewood, thinking that such freshly cut/split wood would be a good fallback if the power went out and she needed heat in the fireplace. Nuts. She can get bundles of firewood at the local stores kiln dried for $7/bundle.
But she's just a problem customer, did not pay and then calls a year later complaining the other stuff she wanted done wasn't done according to when she wanted it, she gave poor direction and thinks she can put blame on the worker even as she is a non payer. Good riddance to her. Her property looked badly neglected, single white mother with substantial property that acts like a crazy person, which I can tolerate if I can get in and out, get paid and forget about her. Plus it was a small job, not enough money at stake to pursue. In this and other business you do six and seven figure contracting over 20 years, know what the standards are and occasionally deal with third rate people.


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There’s nothing wrong with walking away and telling someone you think they’d be better off finding someone else.

The last thing you want to do to yourself is get involved in a job that could be a real headache and just make you plain miserable because the customers are unreasonable.

Keep it polite, be firm, and don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. You are the professional.

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