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Yea I'm trying to go vegan too. It's just makes more and more sense the more I learn about it.
So far I've had great results and I dislike meat more than I ever thought I would.
It's also makes me not crave fast food and all the bad take out places.


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Real vegetables are hard to get in the winter and I largely have to depend on jars of tomatoes from July/Aug and frozen stuff.
I was just recently shown a video about an older gentleman from Nebraska, a retired postal worker, who figured out how to grow stuff year round in a cold climate. Interesting stuff. I'll provide a couple of links below for those who care to see it. One short video, one longer and more in depth. I think the guy is a genius.


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Over my journey of losing 60 pounds I think I tried every different diet a nutrition life style.. I finally settled in and felt the most energy, comfort, and was able to sustain by doing IIFYM. I eat pretty “healthy” but living this lifestyle it’s not the easiest to always have perfect foods on hand. I know what calories I need to keep my body moving how I want and weight where I’m comfortable. Just trying to hit calorie and macro targets makes it a lot easier to grab a burger or gas station snack and still be on track nutritionally. Everyone who sees me in the morning thinks I’m a healthy eater but the customer who has me during dinner time things I’m a huge pig when a pizza or McDonald’s shows up. Haha
80% good and 20% bad is what I shoot for to get my calories in (usually 3000ish a day) I also Do some training and help people with nutrition in my free time so it’s good to read what others in the same industry as me do with their diets!

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