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A book that I was attracted to a long time ago was, Growing Old Is Not For Sissies. In there, and a lot of other places, I have always noticed people over 65 - sometimes well over, doing sports activities that relatively few do.

Swimming in the ocean near San Francisco, a woman starting into mountain climbing in her 70's was interviewed at 89 or so, 70 year old male body builder that was building muscle and bone as well as 30 year olds and looked the envy of most men.

Doing tree work through life I have always enjoyed hearing peoples personal stories. One thing I have noticed is that people who keep using their bodies - putting demand on it, keep in pretty good working order right up close to the day of their death.
So true!! Strength training is a major factor in living not just longer but with more vigor!!

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People usually focus on living longer with regard to healthy lifestyle choices. In my opinion living longer is actually the least of it. It's living far better each day that you do live that has more shine for me.


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I turned 70 on March 7th of this year and soon thereafter stumbled on the sport of Recreational Tree Climbing. I contacted David Stice of Wesspur as well as my local arborist here in Port Townsend, WA. By early September, I had a climbing line in our garage rafters and had purchased a recommended set-up for RADS/YoYo technique: CMC clutch, Petzl Left Hand Ascender, carabiner with pulley (for extra mechanical advantage), New Tribe Twist Saddle (after trying about 8 other ones), Petzl Dyneema foot loop as well as 300 feet of climbing rope (basal anchor with Petzl I’D Belay).
We had our local arborist install a Buckingham Friction Saver 70 feet up in our chosen Douglas Fir Tree (giving us a water view from our 3.5 acre mostly forested home). Finally on Oct 24, we were able to hire a certified arborist trainer (recommended by Dave Stice) to come out for one full day of training. By then, we were already making partial ascents and Tyler “tweaked” our technique and took us up to the very top where we were finally able to see Protection Island for ourselves!!!
We now climb every 2 days, weather permitting. We have a permanent Chain Friction Saver that Tyler replaced for us. We have one other tree with a similar set up that awaits us when we feel like it.
Our purpose for embarking on this sport is exercise, nature viewing, and mood-enhancement. We also plan to install a series of zip lines in the future, finding a great device that has a brake on it and is sold by a guy out near Portland, Oregon.
The climbing rope and retrieval line are both stored on our little deck. We take the climbing rope down after each climb.
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Good on You !
Welcome to the Buzz.
I'm 71.

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