Issues with my 16 strand Class I splice. Locking brummel with a long bury?


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If it is the core that got snagged you might be able to muscle it through, if a cover strand it might be extremely hard, maybe impossible. A cover strand snag doesn’t have much of an opening due to the tight braid.


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I did it. I cut off one of my hard-earned splices on my Arbormaster to see if the splice on my cheap practice rope was easy because of the rope construction or my new tools or correct procedure. It was all of the above, but the rope construction was the least significant of the three. Splicing the Arbormaster was pretty easy. I had some issues along the way (dumb stuff I should have checked before proceeding with the next step), but once I fixed those issues it was pretty easy. No swearing, no sweating, no grunting, no sore hands.
yeah, that 11 inch crossover buy is a bitch but doable. If you watch sevceral of the youtube videos of guys doing 16 strand splices, and watch very closely, they do some quick little moves that they don't talk about that makes it easier.

I did that, and it helped. One thing I thought of that helped to get the wire fid eye to come out of the cover at Mark B without splitting or snagging any cover strands. What I did was take a small knitting needle and push it through the cover from B toward C. I then used the next size up and did it again to gradually open up the location where I wanted the fid to come out. The knitting needles seem to have a better taper or point or something that allows them to go through the braid easily and not split a strand. They created a loose spot in the braid for the fid to exit more easily.

Because my fid is so long and wobbly I had a hard time pushing the fid and controlling where it exited the cover at Point B. To solve that problem I used a vise. Once the fid was pushed through to approximately where it should exit, I clamped the "fid inside cover" section in a vise about a foot from the exit point. I milked the cover a little away from the exit point before clamping. That gave me some cover slack to push back toward Point C to press the tip of the fid through the opening.

Just a couple tricks to save a minute or two here and there.


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update from this splicing table, the day I went back to it, it pulled through in a simple few minutes. I have found that with the splices, oftentimes when the struggle gets intense, I just leave, and when I come back it all goes easy.

Got a nice backup lanyard to use when the sap is getting thick.

Thanks for all the points, everyone. The small details are surely the difference between struggle and success in 16-strand!

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