How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?


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If you look at the facts, many other countries have been “locked down” implementing social distancing and they are getting it somewhat under control and trying very slowly and gradually to return to some sort of normal of way of life but being careful not to rush things and risk further spread. Nobody has near the cases we do.

We are on track to be over 500k cases before the end of the week if it keeps increasing like it is and they’re talking about wanting to end the social distancing measures and have a “big celebration” in certain terms even though Dr. Fauci, the lead expert on infectious diseases and an actual Dr. and scientist keeps saying it’s way too early to be declaring victory over a virus that hasn’t even reached it’s peak.

You open things up again too soon, things could get ten times worse and in the long run do more harm than a couple months of social distancing. In my opinion.

Even so, we had the biggest warning about this as we watched it spreading overseas. More could’ve been done.

You don’t wait until until the branch is already falling to try and put a rope in it to prevent it from falling.
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Thats a rookie mistake JD. Every man worth his salt knows that a pair of undies has at least 4 useable sides, and with a little smart pre-planning you can create a mask without having to resort to sniffing your own skid mark... I blame it on bad parenting and a total breakdown of the familia unit...
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Just delivered food and medicine to a friend quarantined at home with a positive Covid test result and not feeling great. He's 6 days in from his first symptoms and fairly freaked out. Got the test results yesterday. Has been following all the social distancing and hygiene guidelines etc., minimized time away from his home, has no idea how he got it. Lives in the city, the infection rate per 100,000 is high in Massachusetts urban areas.


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We got a few people teamed up trying to keep on top of things for him. I was asked why I took the risk and said there was little risk to me (took all the expected precautions) and furthermore people need to be taken care of when this happens to them. There is no question really.
Only question is whether you're human....or not.


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Been informed and truthful.
His administration missed the boat on transmission from Europe, CDC and other public health experts warned that cases in Italy and the rest of Europe would lead to spread in the eastern U.S. Researchers have determined by looking at the DNA that the vast majority of NYC cases came in through Europe.


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I think he was correct to ban flights from China, and the media were incorrect to quibble about that. Let's not forget that, as bad as Trump is, his critique of how bad the media ecosystem is is really not far off base. By and large, the media know that people know what they are up to, and continue to gaslight their way through interviews and written articles that are designed to tenuously justify a marketable headline rather than uncover the emic of what's going on. They are cherry picking Fauci to create conflict. They are reacting against anything Trump says or does for the mere fact that he said/did it. As a news consumer, I'm looking for principled reporting, not someone to confirm my bias in order to get their paycheck. The media is a really bad headache these days.

It is easy to read this and think I'm a Trumper. I'm not. There is plenty about Trump to disgust a person without adding in what most of the media want us to. The guy is horrible. Should he have closed flights from Europe sooner? Yes. That does not directly relate to whether he was correct to shut down flights from China - different items there... Let's not forget that if Trump and the new (Palin and Dubya onwards) Republican party disappeared overnight, most of the media and the neoliberal Democrats would still be sucking it up, and we would actually notice it, almost as if it were still Trump among us. The gaslighting is pervasive in 2020 and while we busily chase down Trump's lies there is this free pass against decency and logic being written for everyone else.


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Teufleberger has published rope disinfecting guidelines in response to Covid19:

Interesting! the 70% isopropyl and 30% water solution recommended changes the hand of the rope, makes it stiffer. That's not too great.

Personally I'm the only one who uses my ropes for work. If people share ropes and are worried about about Covid19 transmission it would be simple enough to wear gloves.

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