Cat rescue gone south


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Bad thing about cat bites is that they are puncture wounds which delivers a lot of bacteria deep into flesh (yeah, I know, you learn the hard way) and increase likelihood of blood poisoning. Also those puncture bites are not likely to bleed much which increases risk of infection. And the little monsters aren't known for warning you like dogs do. I hope you have been okey-doke since this adventure. I'm thinking heavy leather gloves and a burlap or canvas bag that cinches if you ever do this again.

As a big kitty lover, I appreciate the effort you guys put into rescues like this, as much to help the owner (or cat-slave, as they like to call us) with their emotional distress. It is true that kitty will come down eventually without any help, but still, it can be upsetting to people to hear a cat yowl for a long time.


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Sucks. The ill-conceived part is telling. Out of the last 4 or 5 I've done 2 bailed out early much to my and the owner's dismay. I put it down to my haste more than anything else. The last two, I took my time and the results were much better.

We rescue cats for their owner's sake, not the cat's.

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While attempting an ill conceived cat rescue yesterday I was severely bitten by kitten. I tried to do the best home first aid that I could with hydrogen p and beta dine and neosporin but I had a very bad feeling when kitty bore down on my hand with the force of a grown man. I took ibuprofen And tried to flex my hand all night. Next morn swelling not too bad and pain not too bad. Within a couple of hours the pain and swelling got so bad so quickly it scared me. Checked into the Er and they started talking immediately about opening it up and flushing it and keeping me here for two nights. I may go home about noon tomorrow and then a couple weeks of light duty . Beware filthy cat mouths!
* this post suggested by a fellow buzzer- I guess public shaming of myself can let the healing begin!
This is historical, yet alarming!

Reminded me of a story my friend told me about climbing a tree at his folks property. He went out to the tree to smoke a dube, and saw a porcupine coming down a tree nearby, and looking at him. He bid greetings to the porcupine and started up the tree. He got about thirty feet up and heard something behind him. When he looked he saw the porcupine climbing up the tree after him. He tried to scare it by kicking at it and yelling at it but the porcupine kept advancing. He jumped out if the tree and landed on his ass.

Beware the porcupine. And kitten.

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