1. bonner1040

    Permanent Price Decreases

    WARNING: This is NOT a sale. It's a permanent price decrease. We're lowering the price on a bunch of awesome products! Forever! Saluting Branches Rope - Was $1.01/ft, Now $0.91/ft Super Classic Foot Ascender - Was $69.95, Now $59.95 Bonner Double Bag - Was $59.95, Now $39.95 TreeU...
  2. bonner1040

    TreeStuff Parties

    We've got our first TreeStuff party coming up this Friday at Limbwalker and we're really excited about it. TreeStuff Parties are recreational climbs hosted by everyday hardworking arborists, and we help to organize and advertise for them. Our sponsors are helping us send out a big kit of gear...
  3. Aerial_Titans

    Niftylift's low-weight, compact, user friendly lifts are the perfect machine for your job!

    Many of the customers at Aerial Titans are surprised to learn about a new machine entering the market that meets their diverse needs for a towable, low-weight, low-maintenance and most importantly, affordable machine. Niftylift has become one of the fastest-growing articulating boom lift...
  4. Aerial_Titans

    New to the Arborist Forum

    Hey guys! I'm new to this arborist forum thing! Anything I should know?
  5. 123Craig

    TreeStuff Stuff?

    A rave. Credit where credit is due; watched many others get free stuff - never to get anything big myself... Ordered the Dmm Captain and a sweatband - #OHCANADA + #Lukesfloor gave me a rope bag and sling for free (with other stuff) - yay treestuff! The Dmm Captain came with no instructions...
  6. Steve Connally

    Serius Rope Outer Sheath Failure

    Regular use, no overloading, no natural crotching but occasional abrasion on the trunk when unavoidable. Failed in the port a wrap. Bit of a surprise. Not even a year old. Kept in a rope bag and never put away wet. I take care of my stuff. I'm really bummed. I liked this rope a lot. Back to the...
  7. bonner1040

    Teufelberger tREX Slings at TreeStuff

    Teufelberger tREX slings are now available only on! tRex is a high strength, high visibility solution dyed 12 strand hollow braid with a special coating for advanced abrasion resistance. Here's how to win: Share this Facebook post for a chance to win one of the three slings in...
  8. bonner1040 ArbTrek 2015 Videos

    We had a great time last month in Pittsburgh hosting ArbTrek! A huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated or even just hung out and had a beer with us. Another round of thanks to our sponsors - We could not have done this without Rock Exotica, Yale Cordage, and Teufelberger...

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