Niftylift's low-weight, compact, user friendly lifts are the perfect machine for your job!


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Many of the customers at Aerial Titans are surprised to learn about a new machine entering the market that meets their diverse needs for a towable, low-weight, low-maintenance and most importantly, affordable machine. Niftylift has become one of the fastest-growing articulating boom lift manufacturers in the world. These machines offer a unique option for anyone looking for a reliable and maximum-performance machine while remaining compact and low-weight. Niftylift’s largest US dealer is Aerial Titans. They both sell and rent these machines due to the expedited return on cost of acquisition.

Many arborists and indoor/outdoor-based companies have found this machine to be of great benefit to them due to their wide variety of engine options. Some machines feature innovative Bi-Energy engine options for companies needing an electric engine while working indoors and a high powered diesel or gas engine when executing jobs outdoors. Bi-Energy can also be crucial when working in cold temperatures or when dealing with drained batteries. Strictly-electric machines that run on batteries can take longer to warm up and on occasion, unable to perform under these conditions. With a bi-energy machine, having the gas or diesel option can be critical when on a time-sensitive job.

Niftylift machines come standard with hydraulic over electric operating systems. This makes for a low-maintenance and easy-to-use machine. Similar machines are costly to repair even the slightest issues due to having complex circuit board components. This makes self-repairs near impossible and costly. Being that Aerial Titans is dedicated to customer service and selling quality machines, having a great team behind them is of utmost importance. Wade from Wilson, NC shared, “I looked at other machines but the SD64 is the one I decided to go with. It is a fantastic machine and ideal for my work as an arborist and landscaper. It is fast reliable and very easy to use. I can accomplish about 98% of my total tree care service with this machine. On the odd occasion that I have had a problem with the machine the service back up has been excellent. Technical advice and supply of parts has meant that down time has been extremely minimal. I would recommend the SD64 to anyone.” (Williams)

Niftylift has a knowledgeable tech team ready to help you troubleshoot. One customer even stated, “Their professionalism and knowledge of the products are nothing short of first class” (Tanner, 2016). 5.png

To read more about Aerial Titans Inc and Niftylift, check out our feature in Lift and Access Magazine!



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Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that Aerial Titans is not just spamming us, they are legitimate sponsors now ;)

And this is a perfect time for me to say Welcome! I am interested to learn more about your products and am glad to have you join our community. Cheers.

Thanks Mark! We are happy to be here! I will try not to post spam-like material on here!


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I glossed over and will be back to read the whole article later.
I will say this though we rent lifts from time to time and our rental place has a nifty lift. I have used it a dozen times maybe and I'd say it's a fine machine.

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