1. T

    Beginner climbing gear?

    Looking to be pointed in a direction to buy climbing gear for a beginner. I guess what would maybe qualify something good for a beginner would be price, support, and comfort. Either by brand or a good website with some info on what to look for would be great! I own a landscape maintenance...
  2. T

    want to buy tree spikes/spurs

    looking for good condition spikes, tree gaffs preferred with nice pads other than "T or L" pads unless the price is right. I'm 5'7" so nothing to tall
  3. T

    WTB: Climbing spikes.

    Good morning legends! I'm new to the forum and new to climbing. I've been working almost a month now and the last major piece of personal gear to get is some spikes! I've had the pleasure of borrowing the boss' CF geckos and a coworkers aluminium geckos and they were great. super comfy. I might...
  4. colb

    Edelrid Talon climbing gaff

    1. Who has used these? 2. What ascenders do they take? 3. Who's going to do a head-to-head with their Geckos, Antecs, Kiwi Klimbers, etc. 4. Why is the steel shank inside the cuff frame instead of outside it? Doesn't that dig in more and make the gaff reliant on its dual density foam...
  5. KurtTheClimber


    I've been climbing for about 8 months now. I did my first removal today, so I got to use spikes. I know there are various sized spikes, but which are best for which type of tree?
  6. Simpleiowaguy

    Climbing gear for sale

    Size large buckingham empire with h-style harness. Fits 36- 40". Nothing wrong. 300$ Rock exotica dualcender. Little use nothing wrong. SOLD Buckingham steel gaff. Tree spikes. Used once. No pads or upper straps. Straight shank. Bottom straps come with SOLD

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