want to buy tree spikes/spurs

looking for good condition spikes, tree gaffs preferred with nice pads other than "T or L" pads unless the price is right. I'm 5'7" so nothing to tall


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I got a set of Klein Tree gaffs that I got new and used a few times.
They come with a a practically new set of Buckingham Big Buck pads with the velcro wraps.
Just got a set of Aluminum climbers so I was planning on selling the Kleins.
I'll have to get some pics.
What are you looking to spend on a set?
Maybe around $200. We have some kleins at work they seem to hurt the side of my foot bad but I think it's because they have pole gaffs on them. I'll take a look though
Those climbrights pretty decent? I over looked them since climb rights steel core lanyards have been failing on people. Wasn't sure if it was a bad product or bad company. I'll look into them


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Built for spurs. Not good on the ground, IME.


Proper boots make all the difference.

Custom fit boots will make a big difference for some people.

Are those spurs filed down a lot? They look shorter than average. Measure and compare to a catalog dimension.

I bet your boots are a big contributor.

I used to stand way too much during removals. I sit a lot, now.


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Rigid pad connection made a huge difference for me, either Stein, climb right or geckos. Having a loose connection let's the shanks torque more IMO. I'd buy those climb rights and give em a shot.

If you're on SRT choke of your climb line and sit sometimes. If dDRT get a choking friction saver. Leg pain can be just overworking muscles that don't get used often, and giving them some breaks can be really helpful
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Spurs were sold to Ty.

Sorry about taking so long but here's some pics.
The pads are practically new.
The bottom straps are new.
The spurs were new but used this season a few times.
The gaffs have been lightly touched up a couple of times.

Tree gaffs are safer to climb on as they don't kick out as much like pole gaffs.
Pole spikes suck in thicker barked trees.
Nothing worse then having to gaff in just under a knot with pole spikes.
The offset gaffs let you do this much better.
Pole spikes are better when stepping up in a tight crotch though.

The pads add a little spacing between your irons and your ankle.
The offset gaffs keeps you from jamming you irons against the tree.
They are way more comfortable then having leather rubbing on the side of your legs all day.




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@southsoundtree I bet they've been ground down. They have been around quite a bit. I think the foot pain was more from when I kick in the tree would hit the elbow of the foot plate/shaft from the spur being so small.

@SeanRuel yea the rigid connection would help a bunch I'd imagine since the shaft in the L pad moves so much digging in.

@Steve Baker I've messaged you. I'm interested in them just a few questions. New slim spur or the older fat style?

@dsptech how much? Message me or post, thinking I want the climb rights though.


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Rarely do spurs need sharpening, but when needed, do it right, and minimally.

1 1/3" is part of the problem.

New pole spurs are 1 5/8-1 3/4.

I've climbed hundreds of trees in pole spurs, and tree spurs.

My feet have hurt from my boots.
Wesco's or other dedicated spur boots will help, I think, if you don't have a full shank.

I hate spur climbing in boots like yours, and ground work in wesco's. I switch when I am done climbing and have to drag, or am done spurring for the day.

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