1. Richard Mumford-yoyoman

    Update to the SAKA-mini-MAX

    Simplified and it's becoming more modular.
  2. Richard Mumford-yoyoman


  3. FreeFallin

    SAKA Mini Knee Ascender Gear Review

    This seems like the right place for this video since it is specific to SRT. Finally got around to doing a gear review for the SAKA Mini, with some things I have learned climbing on it for the last few months.
  4. Jehinten

    New (possibly) knee ascender

    OK, this all got started as I was reading about the SAKA being taken off the market, and to my understanding it is because of a "bungee in a straw" (just so anyone who reads that opening line and groans thinking this is going to be ranting about that situation, please continue reading, that is...
  5. I

    New Tribe Onyx Saddle, Carabiners, Rope, SAKA, and more - Lot

    High quality gear (saddle, ropes, carabiners, gaffs) for sale. Many items are brand new. Some items have been used once or twice. I purchased this gear in late 2015/early 2016 from TreeStuff and Bartlett Arborist Supply and after trying climbing twice in the yard I never did it again and my...
  6. FreeFallin

    Akimbo Rec Ride on Blue Moon

    Slowly pushing my limits when I get the chance, this was about 45 feet up a 70 foot burl oak, lots going on here with my current setup. I am still not sure about the shoulder straps and pulley, but they do keep me vertical so I can let go and chill at any point without hanging from my arms. The...
  7. Richard Mumford-yoyoman

    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up.

    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up. Equipment used: Onyx climbing harness by New Tribe with adjustable rope bridge. Foot ascender (My own version soon available from Climbing Innovations SAKA Self Advancing Knee Ascender for hands free ascents by...
  8. Richard Mumford-yoyoman

    SAKA mini

    Patent Pending Minimum size and maximum adjustability.
  9. Richard Mumford-yoyoman

    Current News Regarding the SAKA Device

    Release July 27, 2016 PRESS RELEASE Current News Regarding the SAKA Device As many of you are aware, there has been a significant reduction in availability of the SAKA device recently. This has been due to letters sent by one of our competitors. These letters basically put our resellers on...
  10. colb

    HAAS knee ascender patent

    Hi folks, attempting to redirect this away from the sherrilltree and treestuff join forces thread. Let's discuss, hopefully with respect for all parties involved. Are the HAAS and SAKA the same or different in terms of this patent? I'm assum8ng that the patent linked to below is the relevant...
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