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    Work Photos

    A bunch of new steel and shiny paint later and this Woodsman is ready for another 20 years of service.
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    Terek 720 vs 730 Chipper

    Call Paul at 989-817-4587, he is also a wealth of knowledge on the Woodsman and Terex machines.
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    Work Photos

    The machine changed hands a few times before it made it to our shop but we're guessing the bearing got the shaft that hot that the belt tension just folded it over but that still seems pretty far-fetched. We'll probably never know for sure haha
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    Work Photos

    Before and After. That should spin a little better
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    Morbark broken lower feed wheels

    What is broken or what is it doing?
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    Chipper Falling Apart

    That's what I figured!
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    2000 1890xp with winch 125hp John Deere with just under 1000 hours. What's it worth?

    Does the chipper condition match the hours? A lot of times the autofeed tachs get changed and the hours from the old tach don't get programmed into the new one. If it's super nice, they're probably original, if it looks like it has 5000 hours on it, it probably does.
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    Chipper Falling Apart

    Those engine are internally balanced and if that balancer goes it is catastrophic. You might have something going on there or an injector out causing a miss. I would definitely get it to someone for a second opinion.
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    Quad Feed Rollers?

    I don't think they're all the same size if I remember right.
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    A little white smoke ok?

    That little puff on startup shouldn't be anything to worry about. That and that one in the video has a 4045 Deere on it, that is as reliable of an engine as you can get in that size.
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    Quad Feed Rollers?

    If the price is right, I wouldn't be afraid of it. There are a few more moving parts but as long as you stay up on the maintenance it shouldn't prove to be that big of an issue.
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    Chipper Falling Apart

    Just the engine shakes when the clutch is disengaged or is it worse then the disk is turning? It's amazing how many machines come in here with the disk or drum way out of balance.
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    older chipper for sale

    Is there anyway I could get a picture of the brackets you need? I might have some on skeleton out back or something.
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    Morbark 2400 vs Bandit 1890

    The hydraulic down pressure would help some, how sharp are your feedwheel teeth and what condition are your yoke springs in? Those two things will have quite an effect.
  15. Trevor Balgavy

    Anyone have a Morbark stump grinder? Are they any good?

    We have had quite a few of them through here now and overall I think they're pretty good, especially for what you can buy them for compared to other brands. We have a handful in stock right now if you want to head over to our website there should be a bunch of pictures of each model!

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