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Nice work gentlemen.

Who ever though building as house around a tree was a good idea. When I was a kid my little brothers room had a 6ft Red growing through it. When the winds kicked up the whole house would move to the point where it was being pulled off the foundation in areas.


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Nice work! How did you contain the sawchips inside the house? Looks like you had to make at least a couple cuts inside?

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Thankfully we didn’t have to. I cut it back to living branches/epicormics and we’ll be back for training, fertilizing, or cutting it all out if it dies. Had never emailed in a tree before: hi please give a call from Florida, I’m in your tree and the estimate is no good anymore.


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What does that height extension do on the arch?
It just allows you to lift things higher, like over the bench on that deck or onto a low trailer. It reduces the lifting capacity quite a bit though. I haven't needed to use the arch since I got a mini two years ago, but I just couldn't get rid of it and knew it would come in handy someday.


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Dead pine in my yard, no branches but about a dozen at the top. Could have used other nearby trees or spurs but decided to try Burinawa to ascend. Struggled at first, some of it was climbing through some low branches from the white pine. But once I got the procedure figured out, it became very easy.


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Easy root disease pocket job i worked on last week, solo, a couple short days. This snag-pull leased toward the neighbor's a bit, and had already broken out at 12".

Drain field under lawn.

Broke the top off the spar, hitting the tool box in the fender a bit... Better than the stairs.

IMG_20200430_144628236.jpg IMG_20200430_144726377.jpg IMG_20200430_145128066.jpg IMG_20200501_162009689.jpg IMG_20200501_162643572.jpg IMG_20200501_163205757.jpg

Cracking over the log, the breaking spar popped a small hole (5") in the asphalt, but the client didn't care, offering that fixing it would give her husband something to do.

I have most of a 10 year old bag of asphalt cold-patch in my shop from when the tip of a dead conifer top snagged another tree, bring the 8" butt straight down into the driveway. I'll grab it and fix it.
First significant damage in a long, long time.

Coos Bay cutting long fir like to land flat, with butts within a handful of feet from the feed tray.


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Roping logs down yourself, over a deck, shows self-confidence.
No holes in deck shows skills.

How did you approach that rigging @CaPowell ?
I didn't do anything fancy. It wasn't as bad as I thought when bidding the job. I climbed the taller spar first and set a block. Then, I rigged the back trunk down because it was bigger and leaning towards the house. Next, I negative rigged the last spar down until the point where I was concerned the logs would drop too far and hit the deck. I cut a handful of short chunks that I could manhandle and throw over the side of the deck. There was a lot more up and down than I'd like, but I got it down safely.

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