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    Z87.1 style shades

    Had a pair of Toros that were pretty solid tough wise but not great side coverage. Rocking a pair of heat wave now with the side shield add one. Stoked on em! Both around $60 and polarized if that matters to you.
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    Ditch Witch 1550 Good Machines or Bad??

    I own a sk800 we’ve put 400 hours on it in a year best purchase ever made! I demoed Vermeer, bobcat, boxer and the witch in our opinion was hands down winner. No issues to speak of so far knock on wood.
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    15XP vs 15XPC

    I encountered this same issue regarding dealer territory earlier this year. I tried to get quotes from bandit dealers outside my area just to make sure I wasn’t getting burned and was told they couldn’t. Kind of BS to give that much power to each areas vendor in my opinion. I was quoted...
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    Husqvarna 540i xp (best “package” deal)

    If any one in the PNW is looking for one L & D RaceTech In Warrington OR is sitting on one and a batch of batteries. I’ve got one on the way with two batteries and a charger and they said they have one more in stock. Searched all over to find one. My local dealer could get the saw in the next...
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    Arbortec BreatheDry smock

    Pm sent
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    WTB Senna smh 10s CLOSED

    As title says, looking to get a few more sena smh 10s or compatible to add to the fleet. Missed a couple opportunities lately hoping someone else might be switching or upgrading. Thanks.
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    Seeking Sena SMH10

    What would you want for all 3 Darren?
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    Climbing gear for sale

    Pm sent
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    Throwbag-suggestions for 1.5"-wide Air-Cannon usage? (*besides* Weaver 12oz!)

    Nice build, made myself a similar model a little while back. With all the tinkering and add ons could have pretty much bought an APTA by now. But where’s the fun in that ? Haa. I’ve had my best luck with a 14 oz notch bag. I have to physically ram it down the barrel with a big shot pole or...
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    Tips on climbing srs with spikes

    Ive used a camp turbo foot ascender for years with my spikes to ascend with no issues. I find if I put the ascender on under my spikes it sits much snugger. Sometimes have to tuck the edge of the Spurs under the ascender to sit right. I’ve been running the ct quick step with spur mount for the...
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    Anybody have a bandit 1590xp for sale?

    Sick!! I’ve got the yellow version. Sexy machine! Congrats !
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    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    I Was quoted 71k for a 15xpc with the cat 120. So roughly 9k less than the 15xp. If I had the choice I would have gone with the 15xp. But there wasn’t an option for me in the near future and I got the xpc at a much lower price than the new retail price.
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    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    And yes smaller drum and lighter. @serflife
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    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    Gas 15xp was quoted at 67k diesel 79k and some change. I tried to ship around but from what I found your somewhat stuck with your local dealer and there rates. Reach, thanks for the heads up sounds logistically correct. I’ll reach out this week to the dealer and see what they recommend...
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    Bandit 15XPC Reviews and Opinions Worth The Purchase?

    Thanks for the heads up. So your saying it’s good practice to let it idle and warm up before beginning chipping? 5 minutes , 10? Dealer mechanic recommend standard short warm up like all engines upon starting but expressly said not to leave at idle between chipping long due to the buildup. But...

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