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    When a prospective customer calls and...

    If they are telling me how to do the job on the phone I tell them I'm too booked up now and then refer them to a competitor I don't like.
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    Net Profit

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
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    Net Profit

    What do you think a good net profit is for a legitimate tree care company (paying taxes, comp, liability) of 2-3 employees with a gross of 500k-750k? I've always thought 20%-25% but I really don't know where I got that number from. We are all getting to the end of the year and it's number...
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    Stupid cabling idea

    We use the Havens grip when installing cables with Rig Guy’s. They need to have some pre tension. With conventional cable install using eye bolts we would take a measurement aloft, have the cable cut to size on the ground, then tension by snugging the eye bolts (if you have the proper size eye...
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    Stupid cabling idea This and a ratchet strap are what we use for pre tensioning. Fast and works great.
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    # of ml per inch of dbh by any chance? I was told Acelepryn did not work well as a trunk or root applied systemic (like Dino). Guess those folks were wrong.
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    Possible Mite Damage?

    Rhabdocline or Swiss Needlecast are the most common on Abies. Pretty much the same thing as Rhizo Needlecast on Spruce.
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    EAB treatment pricing

    I used to charge by the ml and am now charging $15 per inch for Em Ben injections. Works out to be a little higher on the smaller trees and a little lower on the bigger trees price wise. I use the medium rate for trees up to 20” and the medium high rate for trees over 20” dbh on an every other...
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    Possible Mite Damage?

    Didn’t see the fruiting bodies. I stand corrected.
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    First used chipper. What make and model would you try for?

    Bandit 200 or 250 if you can find one in your price range.
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    Back at that property today. There’s little worms almost like nematodes living in the sooty mold. Should have got a pic but didn’t. It gets weirder and weirder....
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    ISA Arborist certification

    I believe it’s three years employment in the tree industry.
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    Help Identifying These Trees in NJ

    Mites are the main problem with Dwarf Alberta Spruce
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    ISA Arborist certification

    First step is buy the study guide. Second step is read it. Third step is to take the test and pass it. It’s terribly easy and a good read through the guide over the weekend and you’ll pass with flying colors. Then come the CEU’s. And the money you spend on them.......
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    Hemlock bugs (or just crud?)

    Circular Hemlock Scale aka Crytomeria Scale is my thought.