Transporter or shembiner


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I ordered one just to try it, supplier I ordered it from is now saying they won't have them in stock until mid May now, so I've got no hands on feedback. I like how it attaches to the harness and I prefer a wire gate if I have to have a gate. Judging by the pictures, I think the gate opening may be a little small.
The size to me looks to be in between a small and a large caritool. Not sure which I would replace with it. I would've ordered one from freeworker the other day, but didn't because the didn't have the cross rope in the color I wanted, and didn't want to order just gloves and the kilo...


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I can see alot of ways this would not work and only a few ways it would for holding a saw. The ring would have to be close to the edge of the saw or else the saw would lever against you at an angle. And even though they say it can be used to carry anything, you can't rack multiple things unless you have them stashed in the exact order they will be removed. It looks durable and is something I wouldn't hesitate to put on a toolbelt for framing or roofing however. I can see it being useful if you're carrying a cordless drill with a small loop lanyard for cabling or installing bat houses or whatever. I may get one just because I can see there will be something it DOES work perfect for. Also can't find any images or videos of it in use.

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