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Here's a tree I have to remove for the power company. Trying to decide if we do it with a crane and a line kill or do it hot and kill the lawn below. I have another one across the street that is like 4' off the lines that I could do the same day if we crane them.


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Over the weekend I took my parents on a quick day kayak trip to a tiny island, known for its wildflowers, just off mine that has what I think is one of the most beautiful doug fir in the region I know about.

Dougs are the vast, vast majority of the trees here but my favorite thing about them is how much their shape and size can change depending on the conditions. In open ground and good soil, a 70 year old tree will grow straight, bushy and may be 120' tall, but growing out of a crack in the rock the same 70 year old tree can literally be 3 feet tall and shaped like a twisted shrub. This particular tree, grown on the edge of rock and saltwater, shaped by winds and low nutrients, is maybe 65' tall and probably in the 150-200 year old range if I had to guess. Never touched by a saw, this is a totally natural structure and a treat to see.

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Atglen, PA

A yanmar vio35 followed me home. We have a thumb to put back on it. The guys I bought it from had a pin fall out. It's got a hydraulic quick coupler on it so swapping attachments will be easy. I'm planning to do a grapple and an auger. I already have an atom splitter so I'd like to use it on this.
Never run a Yanmar, but the mini ex is probably my favorite machine to run. Great fun! Enjoy!


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One reason I bought a yanmar is the hydraulic quick coupler will make it easy for us to swap between buckets, a grapple, and an auger to drive my atom splitter. That one is an 8k machine. Big enough to do stuff but small enough I can drag it around with my f250 if I want to.

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