Been here a while
I didn't take any pictures today, but I showed up to prune a 22-foot-tall ligustrom, discovered that I could not complete the pruning specification (reduce height by half the 10-foot-tall crown), and informed my client that I would reschedule after I bought a long reach lopper. Chainsaw with new pico chain was mangling the small stuff and I could not reach into the middle with anything...

Then banking...

Then I drove out in the county to dump my 16 yard can of oak debris removed from the same site as my narrowest-ever lz, pictured below from last week:
That tree had three leaders, so I could span rig it. Overall, it's been a 3-day job - an 8 medium- and small-sized oak removal job with two single-branch reduction prunings requested by the unresponsive homeowner.

Then I picked up my son from 12:45pm early release. We watered ten 7-gallon spruce pines, two 7-gallon Virginia pines (no idea what these are but the grower threw them in for free because they had lean...), and a half-dozen 3-gallon upland tupelos and native persimmons. Then we watered our personal plants - blueberries, loquats, swamp chestnut oak red oak, and Nikita's Gift persimmon. Then we hooked the trickle charger to my dump rolloff trailer, caught up on the international chess championship, ate lunch/snack, went for a training jog, etc.


Been here a while

Picked up a few Christmas trees
Few maple picks
@Mark Chisholm slings in full effect

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