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X3. Last year at Legends I was setting up the access line for AR and pulled my quickie out of my pocket and the judges said whoa, cant use that. Completely f'd up my plan.
Quickies are for work...knots for comps. At work I always use a triple anchor hitch for a base tie though . Cinching and bombproof. In comps it is a ring/ring for canopy anchor. I also send up a running bowline with yosemite tie when I would like to advance my TIP.


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Now to resurrect this thread a bit, just got my RRP this week and am in the process of dialing it in. The list of "suggested, tested,recommended" ropes do not list my preferred ropes aka Xstatic and the yale 11.7's. I have had one low and slow session and feel comfortable with a setting for the Xstatic but the 11.7's slip, not creep but slip on that setting. Wondering if there might be something I'm missing as I really dont want to be constantly changing the setting between ropes all the time. Obviously a second RRP would be the best answer but I had enough trouble sneaking this one past the wife.

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