New crane causing insurance issue

Mark Chisholm

Yeah, it just didn't seem like 55' radius, but then again it is a picture and the crane is on its toes;)
So last year I was able to fly under the radar with the crane. I think my agent pretty much just annoyed the shit out of West Bend who eventually caved in and said they covered crane work without changing my liability rates at all?? I guess it worked out good for the year. :hueco: This year we are back in the same spot. West Bend will not cover any crane work under my current liability policy. Here is a little more background on where I'm at.

Last year I started with a green operator, we took things very slow, mostly in house work, only subbed out about 10 times to trusted friends. I always went with the crane and did the climbing when we subbed out. I was ok with the insurance debacle because we were running very low risk.

This year I plan to sub the crane out when we are not using it in house, 2-3 days a week. My op went to Associated Training Services 3 week class and got his NCCCO. I don't want to fight West Bends decision this year, I want to be properly covered.

My questions for you guys that own a tree and crane service is, do you only have a single liability policy covering in house tree and crane work, also covering subbing the crane out, tree, trusses, hvac, etc? If you do have a single policy covering all tree and crane operations, who is it through? My agent asked if I would want to separate the crane service into a new business with another insurance plan, i'm not a fan of that, I think it will over complicate things. I have a good relationship with my agent and do not wish to leave, unfortunately he does not work with anyone else who owns a crane and has not been much help with the situation.
I used to have West Bend and ran into the same problem with insuring cranes. I ended up going with an insurance company called TreePro and they primarily insure tree companies. I had to go through a huge questionnaire before they would insure me.


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NIP is another company to look into. They are quoting me crane insurance as we speak. But I will have to have the crane on two policies. G/L and Auto. NIP does both my G/L and my auto. I will let you know what they say.