Line installation device

Merle Nelson

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SF Bay Area, CA
Used the device to set 1/2 inch rigging line today as is. Had a biner on end of Stable Braid with a tight eye. It worked great.

A lot of the fir limbs were 9 inches or bigger where I was standing and I needed to reach out 15 feet or more to get to small enough ends to have line setter work properly.

It went great. Cool tool Stew.

(Was reducing end weight by about 50% on some overgrown side limbs.)


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You don't need an eye splice to attach a climbing line to the setter, just a DMM XSRE mini. It is easy to wiggle it through the rope fibers or you can heat up a small nail and melt a hole about 3/4" from the rope end. Works great. 20200501_105625-1.jpg

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