Line Clearance

What away too paint a bad image on us professionals soo what it can be done an some shmuck is gonna see this an try an due one better an gets hurt or killed

Jim Maloney

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I know this thread was started in humor but to quote ANSI Z133, Annex H, Section 3.3:
“Arborists should avoid all direct contact with the de-energized conductors, because de-energized lines should never be considered 100 percent electrically safe under all conditions.”


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Jim's got it right. There are several situations that can lead to "de-energized " lines electrocuting you, including : Car accidents, animal contact, lightning, incorrectly installed generators etc.
Yes you're both right, I would not have done what I did in that photo in any other place, that was a private line which was denergized and grounded, I was in an insulated bucket and I also know every inch of that line as I have been maintaining it for over 10 years.

Disclaimer: Kids don't chew on powerlines at home!

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