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I run a 28” on my 441 all the time, hardwood or soft. Full skip chain if it matters. Any bar of mine longer than 20” gets skip chain. It handles it well. If there’s a lot of hardwood that doesn’t need a big bar, I’ll put a 20” on the 441 and put the 28” on the MS650 if needed, otherwise that one usually has a 32”.
Never ran a 462. But this is very sound advice…. There is what you can do, but….
my 440 was my favorite saw. It ‘could’ pull a 32” in Doug fir soft pine and cedar. But I would very much rather take the time to use a 25” and double cut. A 32” can be nice for limbing so you don’t have to bend over as far….
my 461 has a 28” and it could likely pull a 36” in some softer stuff, BUT I’d be reaching for my 395 first.
I just bucked a chord of wood with the mini skid, 395 and a 28” bar.. nothing I HAD to do as the 261 with a 18” would have cut everything just fine (14” stuff max)..
but I’d never use the 395 up a tree with a 28” bar when my 361 can do the same job with a 25”.
right tool for the job in the right situation..


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362-20" muffler port. Lil ripper
390-32" ported. Ripper. I want to put a 36" on it.

Next saw is a lightly ported 462 w/ 28" and full wrap. A ported 395 with a 42" would be next.

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