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Once @GregManning gives us access to the piles of gold bars he's been hording in his basement for decades, we'll begin building the Buzzhead Bar & Grill and we'll need a Conciege of Covfefe to handle the coffee cart and hose down the bodily fluids, vomit and whatever in the elevators. We're already considering @TimBr for the job.

First, I need to bulldoze and level an appropriate site for the construction of our palace of pleasure and debauchery... I considered a site in the Over-the-Rhine area in Cincinnati, but the Ohio River resembles the Rhine about as much as a sewage lagoon resembles a jacuzzi, so I'm looking for a more luxurious location.

Of course, @JD3000 is still a sure bet for the Chief Bartender & Pimp job, if he doesn't drink up all the profits. But, since he can spell concierge and a couple of other multisyllable words, I think he's got a lock on the job.


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I have read a book or two within the last decade so I suppose that may make me #1 with a bullet. That is unless if course we can wrestle @colb away from collecting monkey poop coffee beans, @rico from killing ancient lifeforms, and Gu from...well...good grief I can't even begin to describe his wholesome, after-school-special activities we would have to drag him away from. Certainly, unicorn toots would have to go unbottled amongst a myriad other multitudes of God's work that would have to go undone.

For the sake of the children, I volunteer but suggest Ohio City as a location so I can maintain a steady supply of IV craft brews.
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Yeah, I thought that slowing down the migration from the shallow end of the gene pool was just "pest control" in most places! You mean to say that there are laws against it?


So, years later, I'm guessing he has been grounded from social media and climbing for mental health reasons by family? Always hoped he would come back.

I'm also really disappointed the twin rope technique video was deleted, i think I remember the gist.

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