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I have heard rumors that Husky might produce a 100-110 cc saw in the 5 series? We shall see...

How many folks here actually need and more than 90-95cc's in their day to day tree lives.. Bet the number is extremely low.
I’m sure it is. Our 661s run with a 36” bar, which is about the biggest they’ll pull around here, but they’re plenty. Only two or three times have I ever truly had a use for something bigger. We talk about buying an 880 with a 48” on it, but in reality it would be a $2k shelf ornament in the shop because it would never actually go out when it was needed anyway. We sure aren’t going to put on on every truck!

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585 is 86cc (970 49 30-20) and 592 is 92.7cc (970 49 31-30) so I stand corrected ... The 565(996 73 39-18) and 572 (996 73 31-18) are both 70.6cc ... The 585 is supposedly available in a standard carb version

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