Grapple Saw Crane for Sale

Steve Connally

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As the old saying goes "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" I wouldn't get in a rush if I were you. Not only are you dismantling a nasty tree, that they no longer have to climb, but your placing debris right in front of the chipper for them. They'll make money based off of that right there. If not then they bid the job wrong.

This coming from a guy who has hired a treemek, and has underbid jobs. :D
I work at my pace but the fact remains, the quicker I get it done, the more money they make. That generates repeat business and referrals. Thats the key to my success. Making the primary contractor as much money as I can as fast and safely as possible.


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Atglen, PA
Not a chance. Infact if you buy the truck i'll throw in my 11 year old and a puppy. Both perfectly behaved-----uhmm yeah----perfectly
I hope you’re more honest about the truck you’re selling than you are about the accessories... A perfectly behaved 11 year old and a puppy? Would you like to buy my oceanfront beach house in Tucson?

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