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Great read. I know some of us out here have already put two-and-two together and have already envisioned a lot of this. I believe that's why many of us are so pissed at the current political environment. It is my opinion that the current conservative politics WILL be the worst for us if a collapse happens. Hell, it may even cause the collapse.

I won't get into particulars other than to say that a huge carbon footprint, true ignorance to social and political issues, trampling of a constitution, dependency on corporations, profitability-over-sustainability, and brainwashing with radical ideologies will surely end badly. It doesn't surprise me that conservatives are so protective of the 2nd ammendment - and, I thank them for that seeing I don't get asked about my political views every time I buy a gun. But, I think they sense it too. They look at the world through mostly uneducated eyes, see chaos, and don't know how to [or care to] solve it. So they do what humans have always done, they gather the tribe, pray, latch onto to any leader who acts tough, and just start killing everything that looks and acts different hoping that stability will follow. Sort of like the Middle East, South Africa, WW2 Germany, etc. I'd just like to personally thank President Trump for egging this shit on, probably hoping he can rise from the ashes as our supreme leader and lead us all to the promised land. TrumpLand, where unicorns actually do exist, and best of all, we get to kill them. I think Charles Manson had a similar delusion.

But take it from a college educated, USA loving, gun toting, former DOD, reformed southern redneck who was once a whooping and hollering, rebel flag waving, poor white trash idiot - Donald Trump is the fucking devil, and the Democrats, barring certain individuals, are a lot wiser and way more patriotic than half the country believes they are.
Damn. I just read this again! Good stuff brother.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
When I was in jr high I read 'Chariots of the Gods' and got all wound up. Then after a few weeks the dust settled and I started thinking...hmm...Really?! Nawwwwww....

There are always moments like that...including this one from The Bible...

(This was in a FB meme.)

Revelation 13:5-10 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

There was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemes, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him. And he opened his mouth in blasphemes against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven.

So now, I'm having another Hmmm-moment...when did the 42 month countdown start? There are two dates...election day [11/6/16] or inauguration [1/20/17] ?

Is it 5/6/20 or 7/20/20???


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Would you please explain that to me? I'm not deeply studied on various political systems.

An unbending loyalty to the Democratic Party in the cause of delegitimizing Trump renders many on the left incapable of even positing the possibility they may be mistaken on any number of issues.



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An unbending loyalty to the Democratic Party in the cause of delegitimizing Trump renders many on the left incapable of even positing the possibility they may be mistaken on any number of issues.

You assume that anyone who is appalled by the actions and words of the lawless Buffoon that is currently occupying OUR Whitehouse has an unbending loyalty to the Democrats? Wrong..

Unlike the current Republican party some of us still believe what our own eyes and ears are telling us. Its a shame you fucking clowns can't chock this one up to a little "locker room banter". Some of us also don't really want a lying, cheating, fraudulent, bigoted, draft dodging, gram em' by the pussies, Russian operative running our country.. Many of us are smart enough to KNOW that this latest scandal is not about Uraine. Its once again about Russia! All roads seem to lead to Putin? Why is that TC? Trump is actually meeting with Russian diplomat Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov today? An extremely brazen move for sure.. Gee, I wonder who is pulling Donny's string? We all remember the last time Donald was taken to school by Lavrov don't we?? Highly classified material given to the Russians, putting our soldiers, sources, and methods in danger.. And who can forget this classic moment- “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job”. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”


It appears that there are enough concerned Americans that Donald J Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America will be impeached very, very soon..Boo fucking Hoo, and good fucking riddance!
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...I read Chariots of the Gods...
When the book was published in '68 it actually became a bestseller... but, the public has a bad habit of believing anything in print, and seldom considers the authors or their motives. Even the publisher thought the book was horrible and had it reworked by Utz Ultermann, a Nazi author who used a pseudonym for his work. He shared the royalties with Von Daniken. But, old Erich was a con artist convicted multiple times for fraud and embezzlement. He wrote his next book from prison.

His notion that aliens helped the Egyptians build pyramids is about as plausible as a child sex trafficking operation run out of the dungeon of a pizza parlor in DC. When Edgar Welch raided the restaurant with his AR-15, he was bamboozled by the fact that the building didn't actually have a basement, and his whole plan fell apart. Just as fans of Erich Von Daniken fail to consider that the aliens most likely didn't arrive in a spaceship made of rocks when they decided to instruct a bunch of druids on how to move big rocks and align them with celestial events, at Stonehenge. Both aluminum oxide and bauxite are found at the site, and it would have been a lot easier to pile 3 or 4 big rocks into an oven and smelt some aluminum. The thing would be in a lot better shape, a few thousand years later.

But, whether it's Pizza Parlor Perverts or Alpha Centauri Contractors, folks generally just want a massive dose of bullshit in their Kool-Aid so they can go on believing they are just one insightful moment away from being a billionaire, from 15 seconds of fame, from showing those damn, liberal-lefty, scientifical-type assholes that Bigfoot is real and a guy playing golf and Twittering at the tax payer's expense is the Messiah.

Their defense? It's everybody else who is drinking Kool-Aid... meeting down at the Legionaire's Club with communists and non-caucasions to plot with the UN to overthrow the planet and force us all to live next door to folks who don't like fake, pink flamingos in the front yard or barbecued pork sandwiches. They're Satanists! Brainwashed by secret, deep state operatives and Chinese ping-pong table salesmen! And, it's all been spelled out clearly in Hillary's emails and on the walls of bathroom stalls in a truckstop on I-80 and in the rambling diatribes of Cheeto Von Tweeto, the great Messiah of Misogynistic Misfits. You only have to read the twitterings to be enlightened.


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An unbending loyalty to the Democratic Party in the cause of delegitimizing Trump renders many on the left incapable of even positing the possibility they may be mistaken on any number of issues. . .
Trump has delegitimized himself, with his own big mouth, criminal actions, and childish behavior. As to unbending loyalty, that is not true for millions of swing voters. Clinton won the popular vote by a narrow margin despite the fact that millions of midwestern swing voters went for Trump simply because they will never vote for a woman. And lots of people don't like the Clintons. If Clinton had been a man and someone other than a Clinton, that margin would have been a landslide. If the Dems can get their act together and field an acceptable, and sufficiently moderate, candidate in 2020, I doubt Trump has much of a chance. He has proved to be simply too much of a loose cannon, divisive, undignified, and unpredictable. Most swing voters I have talked to are sorry they voted for the idiot.


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Socialism, lol

Like medicare, social security, public schools, higher education grants and subsidized loans, farm subsidies. I don't personally know any Trump republicans turning that shit down, except for a few that are sending their kids to private school. I have a whole family of these Trumpers are are sucking every free unearned dime they can get as long as it's not called "welfare".

Hell, if we want to talk about getting money that you didn't earn, let's throw in ANY insurance, seeing that unhealthy, unlucky, and careless are getting covered by the healthy, lucky, and careful - barring certain uncontrolled circumstances to be fair. Obesity and stupidity is not an uncontrolled circumstance in most cases.

As far as big government, well big military equals big government, so make up your damn mind.

How about when that big corporation kills your kid with a known faulty product. I bet you'll raise hell, scream foul, and take the blood money. Oh, and then vote for the person who is hell bent on tort reform.

The far right conservatives are in denial, without a doubt. At the least the Democrats are honest about the way things actually are. This ain't got shit to do with Trump other than he has everyone so brainwashed that they can no longer see reason. Every Republican President up to now has supported some level of social support, for the good of the country.
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And speaking of grifters... let's get more thieving, cheating bullshit artists into the government so they can SUCK UP TAXPAYER DOLLARS while complaining about people sucking up taxpayer dollars. Only the very bestest, bigliest bullshit artists. Like Betsy "School Voucher" DeVos... because when the family Amway pyramid scam starts sliding down the path of the dinosaurs, we need more BRAIN THERAPY scams to replace those tired, old ones. You can't expect the very best people to subsist solely on kickbacks from charter school scams, after all.


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Don't have time to see if this point was brought up, but let me lob this little tidbit into this "swamp"... ;)

While I believe Trump is a clown of sorts, he was the perfect clown to elect. The presidency has become a maniacal, monarchly-acting shitshow that every president since Lincoln has abused. He was at least honest about all the foreign mis-adventures the military/industrial/financial/congressional/media complex that really runs things has gotten us into, and put all the other clowns from the R side of the aisle in their place during the primaries/election talking about it. He was a thousand times better than the whining, neo-con grifter Hillary could ever be. Add to the fact that he drives almost everyone in the "swamp" that is Wash. DC and almost every other mainstream media/political scenario bat-shit crazy, truly shows he was the right person for the job at the time.

He's done some okay things, has not started any new wars and is lucky enough the central banks have not blown up the global economies with all the bubbles they've allowed to fester. He's f'd numerous things as well, as anyone in that position would, especially with almost everyone around him working against his agenda. The fact that he doesn't speak/act like a "statesman" makes him much more desirable (IMHO), than many of the phony, stuffed-shirt idiots who preceded him.

And for a very juicy tidbit to chew on as to why all the mainstream, manufactured anger against the clown persists, read this little gem (remember, they are supposed to serve us, not the other way around):