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OEM ditchwitch, msrp was $800
So, I have searched the internet and can’t find ANY information on that grill guard. I run a Vermeer CTX100 and would love to get something like that for our unit even if we had to custom build it ourselves. Do you have a link to that option you could share? I’d just like to see some more detailed photos of it. Do you have to take it off when lifting the hood or does it stay on? Any information would be great. Thanks.

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You have to take it off to open the hood, those two pins are all it takes to disconnect. Two rubber bumpers at the top are adjustable so it fits tightly, and I used Locktite on all of the connections. No issues since January. Scabbard is cutting board ripped on a tablesaw. I highly recommend it and DW support has been outstanding from the get go

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