500i or 661


De' Island Buzzer
You have to keep the metal shavings from going into the cylinder, right? Does the muffler open up to allow cleaning, or do you use good technique, air compressor, just raw dog it? Thanks for sharing.

I've had a great time with my ms661. Took it in for a spa date because it had been so long since I bought it and they basically charged me a lookover fee. I've busted the handle while whacking a trunk with the saw. It noticeably does not always start if left in the sun, and I'm curious if that is the mtronic preventing me from doing something bad to the saw. I am now 100% trained to leave it and my other saws in shade.
I just cut the slots. Open up with screwdriver. When you start it, it blows everything out. Just fine stuff. Done many saws. All good.

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