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    USED Easy Lift 87-48AJ for sale

    Bonjour to all! This happened once here that we had a used one. All details on our website, including pricing. Here we go: USED Units Simple Inside™
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    Try our lifts: demo run VA to FL next week

    Bonjour / Good day We are going to Orlando for a trade show in February and will hold several demo sessions on our way down. We will demo the Easy Lift 70-36AJ and 87-48AJ models and will also have with us the Hoeflon C6 mini-crane. Here the map and an extensive list with date, time and...
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    Easy Lift - Demo run from Feb 5 to 8 - VA to FL

    On highway 95 - Please Register by clicking on image Also, current promotion: UP to $6,000 of free options for the first 50 buyers in 2020: info@upequip.ca toll free: 1-844-873-7847 Simple Inside™
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    Speed contest: Easy Lift 70-36AJ vs Terex Bucket truck

    Upon the recommendation of Merle, here is the vido, I believe now in the right section!
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    Speed: Easy Lift 70-36AJ vs Bucket truck

    Many thanks to Robb from Tree Experts, NC.
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    USA Demo Tour - Leaving now!

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    Easy Lift 70-36AJ North American Demo Tour!

    You are invited to the: North American demo Tour Scheduled along the way down to Orlando, FL for the Rental Show. Pick your location, date and hours and be there to see an Easy Lift 70-36AJ equipped with Arborist Package! Simple Inside™ UP Equip - 844-873-7847
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    Discover our "BUILD YOUR OWN" section

    http://upequip.ca/compact-tracked-lifts-series/ UP Equip is proud to reveal an exclusive section of its new Website: "Build your Own unit" that allows a full customization of your future Easy Lift compact lift. Get the options you need, not the ones you do not. Simple Inside™ mindset drives our...
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    Here another current promotion for our U.S. Customers...

    Visit our NEW WEBSITE Reach thee unreachable!