1. Arborspective

    Captain hook food for thaught

    Here is an option for you captain hook guys. I love DMM and overall everything they do is with perfection but the DMM bag that is used for the captain hook is not quite sized right for my liking. A better option that i have found is the petzl L tool bag because it is sized just right for the...
  2. Arborspective

    DMM XSRE on hitch?

    So i was playing around in the canopy waiting on some things from the ground and while doing so i was looking at my hitch (VT), and was looking at the legs and was thinking hmm wonder what would happen if i capture the legs together with a dmm xsre mini. So i did and it kept my hitch oriented to...
  3. Tautvydas


    Two new Dmm vault's up for sale. Never been used, in their packaging. 50$ for one, 90$ for both. I'm in Lithuania, so shipping to US is around 10$.
  4. ClimbingGear

    FS: NEW Assorted climbing gear for SALE! DMM Cord(s), DMM 10mm Oval Steel SG & LS ANSI(s), DMM & Edelrid Rope(s), Petzl Swivels and more!

    I have four boxes full of NEW climbing gear that needs to be sold! I'd like to sell and ship as much as possible at a time, so if you buy in bulk I will cut you a DEAL! Take a look at the spreadsheet included and please reach out with what you're interested in. I will entertain all reasonable...
  5. I

    New Tribe Onyx Saddle, Carabiners, Rope, SAKA, and more - Lot

    High quality gear (saddle, ropes, carabiners, gaffs) for sale. Many items are brand new. Some items have been used once or twice. I purchased this gear in late 2015/early 2016 from TreeStuff and Bartlett Arborist Supply and after trying climbing twice in the yard I never did it again and my...
  6. 123Craig

    Swivel to fit 2 Revolvers?

    Would the Dmm Large Axis Swivel fit both pulley ends (lower ends) of 2 Revolvers on one end of the Swivel? Can any Swivels fit 2 Revolvers like this? Thanks
  7. 123Craig

    TreeStuff Stuff?

    A rave. Credit where credit is due; watched many others get free stuff - never to get anything big myself... Ordered the Dmm Captain and a sweatband - #OHCANADA + #Lukesfloor gave me a rope bag and sling for free (with other stuff) - yay treestuff! The Dmm Captain came with no instructions...
  8. 123Craig

    Small Rigging Plates - Large Hole Diameter?

    Looking for Revolver compatibility again: 4 Plates Dmm Bat XS Dmm Bat Ct rigging plate Edelrid Mini Rig Basically I'm looking for a small rigging plate that has at least one large hole big enough for the lower end of the Revolver (around 1") to pass through. If none of these would work - I...

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